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JINXU ELEJXNC100HMiniature circuit breaker
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Product name:JXNC100HMiniature circuit breaker
Product brand:Wenzhou JINXU Electric Co. Ltd.
Product area: Xinguang Industry Zone,Liushi Yueqing Zhejiang China
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   JXNC100H seriesMiniature Circuit Breaker is nice in appearance, reasonable in structure,soundin feature and high in breaking capacity. Installed with standard din rail, itis convenientand easy in usage. It is mainly used in the line of AC 50/60Hz,rated working voltage to 240V/415V, and rated current up to100A to protectagainst overload and short-circuit. It can be used as infrequent on-and-offoperation and changeover.
   It complies with standard IEC60947.

Basic Specification and Main Parameters

The Over-current Tripping Unit Protection Feature